Our story

our mission is to show you that you can be yourself on LinkedIn® and attract people who are great to do business or work with.
We are Ivana and Kristina. Sestry. Founders of SUNDAYFLIES Ltd.

When we were growing up, a common saying was 'the names of fools are found on all pillars,' a phrase that reflected our society's disdain for standing out. If you wanted to be accepted, you needed to blend in. This cultural belief starkly contrasted the insights we gained in our headhunting career. Individual stories and uniqueness were not just valued but essential.

We realized that the very trait our culture deemed foolish was, in fact, a person's greatest asset in the professional world. This epiphany led us to believe that every individual story holds power and value, deserving to be heard and celebrated.

At the heart of this is a challenge to the old mindset, our mission to unearth and amplify unique stories, especially in environments where they're often overlooked or suppressed. We are globally transforming perceptions from the heart of Europe, Slovakia. Proving that standing out is not foolishness but wisdom and strength.

Our consultancy for brands on LinkedIn™ is committed to this cause. We deliver strategic solutions globally for high-impact employee ambassador programs that build trust, drive sales, and attract top talent. Turning the individuality of businesses and employees into the greatest business asset.

Ivana Brutenič

Ivana was a top-tier head-hunter before she became a recognised expert on global gamified employee advocacy with both a Masters and a PhD in Marketing and Business.

She founded a headhunting company at 22, and for a decade, she has interviewed thousands of people and learned what drives people, what brings them joy at work and what they need to perform their best.

Ivana's clients started to ask how it was possible that she could fill vacancies they were not able to fill for many months. And so, in 2013, the first consultancy for building brands on LinkedIn™ was born.

Ivana has the ability to get people on board easily with ideas and projects and naturally lead them to the next level of accomplishment. She keeps her eye on the team's company goals and personal objectives so they will not get distracted and achieve what they want in the shortest time possible.

She often travels because it brings her joy and fresh perspectives, and she dances as though her life depends on it – because it does. She loves to play. And she plays to win.

Kristína Cichý Kováčiková

Kristína is a multi-talented and creative renowned expert on global gamified employee advocacy with a Master's in International Trade and a PhD in Management.

She has diverse experience across various industries, from small companies to multinational corporations, including a Big4 consultancy, one of the region's best advertising agencies, and a premium car importer for Mercedes.

She will make sure your Ambassador Project is rooted in systems, tools and processes so that you and your colleagues can fully express your creativity without waiting for the muse to strike.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Kristína is a multi-talented creative who loves to paint. With her diverse skillset and passion for elevating people, Kristína is the perfect partner to show you the power of Employee Ambassadors on the scale.

Kristína hosted the largest LinkedIn™ event in her region for several years. For over a decade, she has empowered clients to use their voice to attract opportunities and talent systematically and in record time, while still having fun.

The dragonfly is one of the most successful birds of prey in history. 95 percent of the time it does not miss its target. And all in a graceful and elegant manner.

When we were looking for a symbol to represent the new brand, we knew it had to be the dragonfly.

SUNDAYFLIES represents the next level, in business, employer branding and LinkedIn® branding.