We Deliver Strategic Solutions for High-Impact Employee Ambassador Programs that Build Trust, Drive Sales, and Attract Top Talent. We have helped over 10 000 clients improve their LinkedIn results.
Ivana Brutenic
Kristina Cichy Kovacikova

Here are some of them:

  • Million-dollar projects generated through Employee Ambassadors’ content 
  • 300,000 euros a year generated in free media coverage and business partnerships  
  • CEOs, HR and marketing professionals and other specialists becoming more influential by winning awards 
  • Non-profits winning support from affluent donors
  • Various departments and locations miraculously start communicating and solving each other’s problems 
  • Getting recognition and awards like The Employer of the Year, The HR Talent of the Year or The Best LinkedIn Profile in a particular niche 
  • Small businesses securing large clients they dreamed of in just 30 days of an active Ambassador Project